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Implants have revolutionised dentistry and are now an integral part of our daily practice. We make it possible in our clinic to restore aesthetic fixed teeth to toothless patients with a comfort similar to natural teeth. We provide tailor-made treatments for each patient.
Let’s go into the details…

Smooth Surface Implants

We use the best French brand smooth surface implants, made of medical grade V titanium. The choice of this material and its manufacturing process excludes any risk linked to the release of titanium over time and makes implantology in our practice highly safe and sustainable.

Each implant is taylor-made and must adapt to our patient’s mouth. We will anchor implants in the native bone of the patient, this is the key to long-term success in implantology. Sometimes, the use of bone filling materials is useful to reinforce or support implants, but in no case should they be the anchoring base of the implant material.

We perform surgical techniques that are minimally invasive in our practise that make the placement of implants painless. For example, when there is not enough bone to place an implant, we will perform a bone stimulation that allows the bone to regenerate itself in a non-invasive way without resorting to constraining bone grafts. This technique of micro-fractures will solicit the osteoblasts which will create a bone callus and therefore an increase in bone volume, without any postoperative effect.

We will place transitional teeth while waiting for implants and healing of the gum.
In the case of extensive or total loss of teeth, we will place new teeth no later than 48 hours after the implants. This method is called “immediate loading”.

Anatomo-physiological implantology

Sometimes, in certain cases of extreme bone atrophy, conventional implantology has its limits: especially when the bone is present in too little quantity or of poor quality.

In this case, we will use basal implantology and its specifically designed implants, without using heavy treatments such as grafts, bone distractions or sinus fillers (sinus lift).

We can also successfully recover implant failures following grafts. This highly specialised technique carried out in our practise has shown excellent results for over thirty years.

It makes it possible for 99% of the population to have nice fixed teeth!